Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blue or Pink??

So... on October 17th Jake and I found out what Baby Thompson is! 

Because of my accident this summer, we didn't get to announce that we were expecting in a fun way so we decided that we wanted to have a party with friends and family to announce the gender of the baby!

My aunt Marnae made this beautiful cake for the event... 

She is pretty much amazing. The only instruction I gave her was that I wanted the inside to be blue or pink... depending on the gender of the baby... 

We then had Jake's mom, Annette, and my mom cut the cake to reveal the color....

IT WAS BLUE!!! We are having a son :) 

We have chosen to name him Charles Leander Thompson. 

Jake and I really wanted to use family names so we chose to use my great grandfathers name Charles as our sons first name. 

We have two lovely friends, Henk and Jacqueline, who live in Holland. They had two sons who both passed away when they were in their 20's. Since losing their sons, they have adopted us as their grandchildren. We have talked to them a number of times about how excited they are to have family to pass things on to. When deciding which names we liked, Jake and I decided that we wanted to use one of their family names so we decided to use their older sons name, Leander as our little Charlie's middle name.  

Charlie kicks me constantly and causes me awful awful heartburn, but I am enjoying every second of it. We can't wait to meet him! 

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